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You want to get back to nature and enjoy a few days out in the woods camping and sleeping under the sky. The last thing you want to do during your trip is to add any pollution that would spoil the beautiful ecosystem that you want to enjoy. To make it a great trip for both you and the environment, make sure you plan an eco-friendly camping trip, including using natural soaps and cleansers that will not leave a harmful impact.

Tips for Eco-Friendly Camping
There a couple things to keep in mind to have the least amount of impact on the natural environment you want to visit. You don’t want to leave anything behind that will cause any harm; you also don’t want to be wasteful by falling into some common habits of buying items especially for camping. Here are a few tips to help keep your camping trip on an eco-friendly track:

• Don’t buy disposable. Go to any campground in the U.S. and you’ll see a plethora of paper plates, plastic cups and disposable containers filling the trash bins. Stay away from disposable items that will end up in landfills. Bring your own light-weight dishes that you can wash and reuse, just make sure you are using eco-friendly soap!

• What goes in, you must take out. A simple and basic rule – everything you bring with you on your trip needs to leave with you. Make sure not to leave any garbage behind that could be toxic to the environment.

• Cook over a fire. Forget about butane or propane – you are getting back to nature! When permissible, cook over a fire pit and enjoy a meal that can only be made over a wood-fueled flame. If you lightly coat the outside of your cooking pots or skillets with Pure & Gentle dish soap, the clean-up then just takes a quick rinse with water to remove the soot from the outside surface of the pots and pan. Next, just make to use all the proper procedures to keep you fire safely contained and well-extinguished when you leave.

• Don’t over spend and shop green. Keep waste to a minimum buy borrowing gear and not falling into the retail trap of buying specialized camping gear. You don’t need a metal prong to roast your marshmallows- roast them on a stick like your parents and grandparents did! Also, try to stick with gear from companies that are green in both their products and their business practices.

• Use eco-friendly soap. You can get pretty dirty when out camping in the woods and you need to keep yourself and your dishes clean for good health. But, you also want to ensure the soap you use won’t pollute the natural water sources like lakes and rivers. Our eco-friendly soaps for the body and dishes are perfect for a green camping trip. Bring along our Pure & Gentle Econcentrate Liquid Dish Soap that is derived from plants and is all natural, as well as any one of our all-natural bar soaps for body cleansing that won’t enlarge your carbon footprint.

We hope you enjoy your eco-friendly camping trip and have a wonderful time under the stars. Thank you for taking our products with you to make it a truly all-natural experience!

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