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You’ve swapped the sundresses and shorts out of your closet for cozy sweaters and colorful woolen mittens. You’ve hung mistletoe and decorated your rooms in colorful lights. You’ve stocked the kitchen with red and green sprinkled cookies, hot cocoa mix, and pie, and compiled a playlist with cheery songs about sleigh rides and fig pudding. The holidays are here, and your house is ready!

From while beloved tastes and tunes may help, nothing welcomes in the holidays like classic holiday scents. And with our holiday-scented all-natural bar soaps, your skin can smell as good as the rest of your house does.

For the scent of freshly baked cookies: Sweet Amaretto

The enticing aroma of our Bath & Beauty Bar Soap Sweet Amaretto elicits memories of holiday cookies baking in the oven. This all-natural bar is crafted from a blend of oils—including olive, coconut, and almond oil. Use it on your body, hands, and face to leave skin smooth and sugar-cookie scented.

For the scent of candy canes: Peppermint Leaf

Cheerful, yummy, and easy to hang on a tree, candy canes are the ultimate holiday candy. Our Bath & Beauty Bar Soap Peppermint Leaf combines natural peppermint oil and peppermint leaf to create the aroma of this beloved stocking stuffer. But that’s not all—it also contains shea butter and sun flower oil to soften and rejuvenate the skin.

For the scent of Christmas tree: Juniper Berry

Of all the holiday scents, the unmistakable, aromatic fragrance of pine and evergreen towers above them all. Bath & Beauty Soap Juniper Berry features juniper berry herbs gathered from the branches of juniper trees—the evergreens commonly used as Christmas trees in North America. In addition to the fragrant juniper herb, the all-natural bar soap features nourishing ingredients like mulberry and palm oil.

Not only do these soaps smack irresistibly of cherished holiday scents, each one of them is crafted in a carbon-neutral facility using plant-based ingredients. Free of toxins and chemical preservatives, these soaps will cleanse, moisturize, and protect your skin from frosty winter weather.

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