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If you have someone in your life that is committed to green living, they will truly appreciate an eco-friendly gift for their birthday or Christmas. Here are some great eco-friendly gift ideas to inspire you:

Recycled Gifts:
Nowadays there is a huge range of gifts available that are made from 100% recycled materials. Aluminum, paper, glass, tin and plastics are used to create clocks, notebooks, wine goblets, jewelry and many other interesting gift items.

Gardening Gifts:
If you know someone who is trying to reduce their carbon footprint by growing their own fruit, vegetables and herbs, they are bound to appreciate a “grow your own” kit, such as “grow your own pumpkins” or “grow your own strawberries”. These kits contain everything the gardener needs to grow their own produce. Stick with the recycled theme and get them a recycled planter to grow their produce in.

For the Gadget Lover:
You can indulge a friend’s love of gadgets and still keep it eco-friendly by choosing one of the many energy-saving gadgets that are on the market. Choose from a wind-up radio, solar garden lights or even a water-powered clock.

Environmentally-Friendly Pampering:
For the woman in your life who loves to take care of her skin and is in need of some precious pampering time, choose some organic skin care products. Bath oils, body washes, exfoliators, moisturizers and hair products are available with natural, organic ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. Look for products that provide a full list of ingredients and are free from dyes, nitrates and phosphates. Go for items that are in recycled packaging for a gift that is completely eco-friendly.

Charity Gifts:
If your friend or relative has an interest in a particular environmental organization, why not make a donation on their behalf? Through animal conservation charities, you can “adopt” an animal; the money will go toward the fight to protect endangered species and you will receive a certificate, information about your chosen animal and a choice of gift items in return for your adoption donation.

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