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Choose environmentally friendly commercial cleaning supplies for a healthier, greener business! Pure & Gentle offers several cleaners for any sized job or business.

Our pollutant-free solutions are ideal for any type of companies. Whether you’re looking to green up the office or keep kitchen floors pristine, we have cleaning solutions to help!

Concentrated commercial cleaning supplies boast some impressive benefits over standard cleaners. The first benefit is for your supply cupboard. A few bottles of concentrate consume much less shelf space as they wait for dilution and use. Concentrates require less packaging, which means less trash output from cleaning supplies for your business. Less garbage helps your company become more eco-friendly. 

Concentrated solutions also allow you to save money on commercial cleaning supplies since you are buying in bulk. One bottle of concentrate lasts much longer than ready-to-use varieties. Pure & Gentle’s powerful formulas may even cause your clean-up crew to use less soap to get their job done.

Our all-purpose cleaner is ideal for nearly any surface. The gentle solution contains no planet-harming dyes or phosphates. This product works wonderfully on floors, walls, sinks, and desktops. All-purpose cleaner can completely replace up to 30 standard cleaners you may have cluttering up the supply closet. This quality makes it ideal for smaller businesses looking to save space and money on commercial cleaning supplies. Another great tool for shared offices is eco-friendly disinfectant cleaner. Our EPA registered disinfectant kills bacteria in the office and bathroom. Eliminate germs to help cut down employee sick days while making your business a healthier place.

Our environmentally friendly cleaners are made with plant-derived ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. They are hypoallergenic and biodegradable. We also use carbon neutral shippers to deliver your products. These qualities make Pure & Gentle the best choice for greener commercial cleaning supplies. Choosing the right cleaning products is a great first step for an eco-friendly business. Stop by our website for our complete line of cleaning solutions!

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