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The choice to avoid excessive chemicals for daily cleaning needs does not mean that you have to stock up on baking soda and vinegar to maintain a healthy home. Likewise, maintaining a clean living space shouldn’t require unhealthy exposure. Modern eco-friendly soap leaves your home cleaner without making it smell like a pickling plant. Pure & Gentle’s soaps are formulated to be just as effective as the chemical standards without the chemical exposure.

Making your own eco-friendly soap isn’t always the best idea. Many recipes for homemade soaps call for ammonia. While ammonia might be affective, it isn’t safe to breathe in over a period of time. Some recipes call for vinegar instead. While effective, vinegar has the unfortunate side effect of an unpleasant scent. Mixing either with bleach is a bad idea. Your home isn’t a chemistry lab or a pickling factory – and it shouldn’t have to smell like one either! Effective, safe, and eco-friendly soaps are readily available for any home cleaning need.

Each of Pure & Gentle’s eco-friendly soaps is as effective as standard cleansers without the chemicals. We use naturally derived ingredients and time-trusted cleaning agents to help you achieve a happy home. They require much less research to safely acquire and combine when compared to homemade cleansers, and they are also more affordable than commercial soaps, due to high concentration. Less packaging cuts costs and waste. Versatility increases at the same time. You have the opportunity to use only as much as you need for the task at hand. A large bottle of eco-friendly soap also takes up less space for those in smaller living spaces.

Pure & Gentle’s formulas are made with the environment and your health in mind. Going green should feel good and leave your home immaculate without harsh chemicals. Show your home some love with our family-safe, eco-friendly soap.

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