Green Living


Lazy summer afternoons were made for outdoor enjoyment. You don’t need to travel far from home to experience the sunshine and relax. Your own backyard is the perfect spot for an outdoor living area built especially for a comforting day in the sun. Your home’s outdoor living area might be a shady porch or a patio oasis. Either way, choose going green products to keep it clean and eco-friendly. Going green products are available for just about any outdoor living concern. If you happen to be creating a new space, you have the opportunity to make this extension of your home very green without sacrificing any of the comforts associated with a relaxing spot to enjoy nature from the comfort of your yard. Here are a few ways that going green products can help your outdoor living space. 

Going green products for cleaning are absolutely necessary for any sized outdoor living space. Naturally-derived cleaning products allow you to keep your space tidy without exposing your family or your yard to nasty chemicals. All-purpose cleaners are ideal going green products for patio furniture and the floor of your space. A gentle all-purpose cleaner is safe to use on nearly any hard surface – including most wood! This quality lends itself well to porches and decks. The convenience of one bottle for every surface makes cleanup a breeze. While you’re at it, conserve water! It might be tempting to hose everything down, but a bucket and a broom are far more eco friendly than a gushing hose.

Going green products include the eye-catching furniture for reclining in your outdoor living space. If you already have patio furniture but aren’t too fond of it, give a thought to repurposing it instead of purchasing new. Having the tables re-stained or the chairs re-upholstered with sustainable fabric is much greener than tossing these pieces in the trash. If you are in need of new furniture, choose pieces from a company that prides itself on using going green products in their construction. Plastic and metal lawn furniture can be made from post-consumer and recycled materials. Wood and teak from sustainable harvests are a little pricier, but they are also incredibly long lasting and impressively comfortable.

Solar lights have come a long way from the early days of tiny tea lights suitable only for pathways. Larger, more illuminating solar lights are a few going green products that allow you to take your outdoor party into the evening hours comfortably without relying on your home’s normal electric output. They’re easier to use as well! Just put them where you want them – making sure that they can catch the sunlight. Let them charge on their own, and watch them light up after sundown for gorgeous, eco friendly outdoor lighting.

Going green products can also help you maintain a lush lawn around your living space. Organic lawns are a little tough to set up, but once in place, they require less work to maintain and offer none of the nasty chemicals found in traditional lawn care. If a complete overhaul isn’t viable for your home, you can still take a few steps toward eco-friendly lawn care with going green products for pest control and more conservative watering practices. Organic pesticides are usually easy to come by. These products can help you eliminate the annoying bugs around your outdoor living space without resorting to frightening chemicals. As for watering, make sure your sprinkler covers a large area of your lawn without wasting water on the concrete. The best time to water is early morning, but you can skip it if the forecast calls for rain. If a lawn care company is more your style, look for outfits that emphasize greener practices for planet-friendly results. 

Becoming more eco-friendly is a worthwhile process. Choosing going green products for every aspect of outdoor living makes your space a better place to relax by providing the satisfaction that comes from doing the right thing for your controllable environment. Enjoy your backyard oasis and show a little love for the environment by choosing going green products for your outdoor living space!

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