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The arrival of spring brings with it a multitude of gift-giving occasions. Birthdays, bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, house-warming parties, and celebrations of all types call for gifts ranging from the humble to the extravagant. Eco-friendly gifts for all occasions let you show your love for the environment as well as the recipient. These gifts don’t have to be boring or unusable, either. Here are a few spring-themed ideas for gift giving during this season of nature’s bloom.

Garden supplies make great eco-friendly gifts for the green thumbed celebrant in your life. These range in price from inexpensive to costly, which lets you adapt the gift to the occasion. One example lying on the lower end of the cost spectrum would be simple seeds and trowels made from recycled materials. If the celebration is a bigger affair, attractive ceramic pots and outdoor decorations may be called for, and they can be a significant expense depending on brand, materials, and such. A few companies both in your town and on the web offer eco-friendly gifts for those who adore the planting season. For your significant other, flowers from a green-minded shop will be appreciated and very difficult to beat.

Springtime eco-friendly gifts for food lovers usually involve the farmer’s market or the grill. While simple, an attractive and comfortable-to-carry canvas shopping bag is sure to make the foodie in your life smile with appreciation. These bags have become somewhat commonplace, but a truly good one takes a little effort to find. Look for something durable and medium sized that is made with strong, eco-conscious material. A local art fair might be a great place to look for shopping bags made from up-cycled materials. Reusable produce bags are also great eco-friendly gifts for people who prefer to do their cooking at home with fresh ingredients from the local market.

Bridal showers and weddings tend to require a bit more effort, but you can still find eco-friendly gifts that suit the occasions. You can usually find something eco-friendly on the registry, like an appliance with a high-energy star rating or a stunning vase made with recycled glass. If you prefer to stray from the registry, keep the personality of your recipient in mind as you look for the perfect eco-friendly gifts to celebrate the happy occasion.

Luxurious bath soaps are a well-loved standard. These soaps allow the recipient of your eco-friendly gifts the opportunity to relax and take the stress out of a long day. Natural bath soaps make great eco-friendly gifts for most occasions. Pure & Gentle’s soaps come in a variety of fresh spring scents that might make you think twice about giving them away! Combine a few soaps and other relaxing sundries (maybe organic chocolate or wine from a local vineyard) into a basket for the ultimate in luxurious and planet-friendly gift giving.

A gift card to a local, green-minded shop might be a good solution for those who are simply stumped. Tailor the certificate to the hobbies of the recipient for best results. A food-lover will likely adore a certificate to that fancy organic place in town. Someone who loves fashion might enjoy a gift card to a local place that focuses on planet-friendly fibers or hand made jewelry.

Complete your eco-friendly gifts by including a card made from recycled paper, or even make your own if you happen to be artistically minded. These cards have come a long way from their beginnings as cardboard-brown bulk. Modern eco-friendly cards are usually unique and even a bit artsy. Check your local flower shop for an array of options to fit the occasion while standing out.

Whether your gifts are simple or elaborate, eco-friendly gifts show that you care and allow you to share your belief in a green-conscious lifestyle with those you love. Keep it light, fun, spring-themed, and green by giving eco-friendly gifts. For a lot of options for gifting and even endless options for your personal stock, visit our website!

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