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What do you know about soap?

Did you know that…

·     …October 15th is Global Hand Washing day?

·     …soap can be made from animal fat?

·     …it can also be made from vegetable oil!

·     …it can contain glycerin in it? Do you know what glycerin in soap is for?

·     …soap might be the reason why your skin is dry?

Your skin is sensitive and can react to certain fragrances and ingredients. It’s important to know what’s in your soap because you use it every day. Even when you use soaps that are labeled “all natural,” it may not be true when you read the label closely.

Think about the conventional soaps that have sweet smells like pumpkin spice and sugar cookie. The manufacturers might have use dyes and fragrance oils, which isn’t natural. It can contain preservatives and chemicals that can be harsh and drying on your skin. All-natural soaps should derive its fragrance by using pure essential oils such as our lemon verbena bar soap or strawberry lemonade bar soap. Natural soaps can clean your body without the use of harmful chemicals. In addition, natural soaps are better for your sink too. Conventional soaps have chemicals that bypass treatment plants into streams and lakes, affecting our plant ecosystem.

So, what is glycerin and why is it in your soap?

Glycerin can come in different forms: synthetically derived or naturally derived. When glycerin is synthetically derived, it’s not pure or natural. When glycerin is naturally derived, it can come from plant-based oils. This is what you’re looking for because glycerin actually has moisturizing properties. At Pure & Gentle, our plant-based soaps are composed of olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and sunflower oil – nothing unnatural about that!

Soap is a product you use every day. The next time you buy your soap, look at the label.

We are committed to you and the environment. We strive to provide products that are truly all natural, biodegradable and non-toxic. You can shop our entire soap and shampoo selection here

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