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Keeping your home spotless during the year is difficult enough – how are you to accomplish this during the busiest time of the year? It may seem impossible to keep up with household chores with all the extra entertaining, shopping, cooking and decorating that goes on during the holiday season, but it can be done. Here are 5 tips to help you achieve a spotless home for the holidays.

1. Prioritize your cleaning list. If you will be hosting holiday parties or get-togethers, you will want your home spick and span for company. However, there is only so much time in the week. It’s important to prioritize which rooms will need the most attention and make a cleaning plan the week of the party. The entry way, living room, kitchen and guest bathroom will most likely be the rooms your guests will see the most and will need the most cleaning. Plan one room per day to make time to get it done over the week.

2. Assign duties to your family. There is no reason that one person should be saddled with all the cleaning for the family. Delegate tasks to everyone in the family to cover the cleaning chores that need to be done for the holidays. Make it fun by scheduling a family clean day- everybody pitches in to get the job done in one day, ending with ordering in your favorite food for dinner or going out for a family movie night.

3. Splurge on a cleaning service. If the holidays are becoming too stressful, why not splurge on a one-time cleaning from a local cleaning service? A good cleaning service can clean your home from ceiling to floors to save you time and relieve some stress. Make sure to choose a cleaning service that only uses eco-friendly, natural cleaning products like our line from Pure & Gentle.

4. Making a cleaning chart for maintenance. The only way to keep up with home cleaning when you are booked solid during the holidays is to do a little every day. Make a cleaning chart to keep on track. You may not be able to schedule an hour a day, but you can always fit in 15-20 minutes a day. Schedule vacuuming on Monday, dusting on Tuesday, windows on Wednesday, etc.

5. Clean as you go. The best way to stay on top of home maintenance during the busy holiday season is to clean as you go. Do the dishes after each meal, throw in a load of laundry every day before you head to work and wipe down counters in the bathroom before you go to bed. If you are on the phone, make sure you multi-task by picking up or dusting to make the most of every minute.

Use these tips to help keep your home spotless during the holiday season, and make sure to use eco-friendly products like our Econcentrate All Purpose Cleaner and Anti Allergen Window Cleaner to avoid using toxic chemicals in your home.  With a little effort and planning, you can have a clean, green home for the holidays.

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