Green Living


Bathing is a part of every day life. Some people prefer to shower immediately upon waking to start the day feeling fresh. Others shower every other day to prevent dry skin.

Whatever your personal preferences, showering has the potential for an eco-friendly change in your daily routine. Take a few steps to be green and enjoy a more eco friendly shower!

You could refit your bathroom with eco friendly shower supplies. There are showerheads on the market that cut down the amount of water used. If a new showerhead isn’t in the budget, you can simply take shorter showers to conserve water. You could also purchase your bath mats and shower curtains from companies that use all natural, sustainable fibers. Such items range in price, from affordable to really expensive, but doing whatever is within your budget can help you make an eco friendly shower a possibility for your household.

Another step you can take for a more eco friendly shower involves the products you use. All natural soaps are available in both bar and gel varieties to suit your personal preferences. They may be glycerin derived or made from goat’s milk. Pure and Gentle supplies eco friendly soaps in a multitude of scents and varieties – one of them is sure to be perfect.

When it comes to shampoo, things can get a bit trickier. Preferences differ based on hair type, and the shampoo you love might not have environmental concerns in mind. Switch to a more natural shampoo for a more eco friendly shower. Pure and Gentle sells a concentrated shampoo which cuts down on packaging waste. Our shampoo is available in a variety of scents to make your eco friendly shower a luxurious experience.

Check the labels on shower products before your purchase to make sure they don’t contain harsh chemicals. Some of these chemicals aren’t only bad for the planet; they could prove damaging to your hair and skin.

For an eco friendly shower, cut down on chemicals, conserve water, and maybe get your home a gift in the form of environmentally friendly bathroom supplies.

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