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Bar soap may have begun as a simple way for people of all stripes to scrub away the mud, but its modern incarnations are far more than a humble cleansing tool. The best bar soap should nourish skin as it cleanses and leave behind a pleasant scent and a soft feel all over. Naturally formulated bar soaps are beyond their competitors in every way that matters. The best bar soap should cleanse better than a foamy gel and possess the ability for more uses than simply removing the daily dirt. These modern soaps are luxurious ways to start or end any day without over drying. Botanical oils provide the scent in place of chemical-laden ‘fragrances,’ and over-drying acids are nowhere in sight.

Along with their nourishing ingredients and heavenly scents, the best bar soap should do the intended job of cleansing! Naturally made bar soap performs just as well as old-fashioned soap, but without rubbing away a layer of skin in the process. The best bar soap should not cause damage on any skin type. Natural soaps remove that danger by skipping the chemicals and instead choosing the healing power of plant oils. Avocado and citrus oils take the place of lye to gently wash away excess oils and leave a true clean feeling behind. Bars made with coconut and naturally occurring glycerin restore moisture to drier complexions without blocking pores.

The best bar soap belongs in your shower and at your sink for multiple uses over the course of a day. These soaps function as body cleansers, facial washes, and nourishing shave creams at a fraction of the cost. Pure & Gentle’s bath and beauty bars are some of the best bar soaps available for green-minded people in search of a rich cleanser for daily hygiene. Simply pick your scent and the right ingredients for your soap, and get that fresh feeling without the dryness of chemical ingredients!

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