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Making small changes is the first step to adopting a greener lifestyle. Why you make the switch is completely up to you. Environmental and health concerns are two main reasons, and are usually tied together when a person chooses to go green.

For example, organic food is a big part of a healthier lifestyle that also has environmental benefits. Green home cleaning products are also safer for the health of your family and safer for the planet. Choosing to go green is easy – actually doing so is another matter. However, it doesn’t have to be a big chore. Green home cleaning products for every room of your house are readily available, and they also don’t cost as much as you may think.

There are two ways to go about making the change from standard products to green home cleaning products: the slow route and the big purge. A purge of your standard cleaners may seem like a good idea at first glance. In one fell swoop, your home becomes free of toxic substances. However, disposal of the old chemicals is not to be taken lightly. Pouring them down the drain is just as bad for the environment as using them – they wind up at the water treatment plant either way.

Read the instructions on individual bottles before dumping the contents out, and never mix two different products. Some communities have hazardous waste disposal centers that can help you out. Sadly, the best way to dispose of your old products is by using them up before changing to a greener brand. If allergies are one of your main reasons to switch to green home cleaning products, try handing them off to a friend or relative who can make use of them.

Due to the limited availability of proper disposal centers, the slow route might be for the best. This method implements room-by-room replacement as you run out of a specific cleaner. At the end, your cleaning cabinet is full of effective and green home cleaning products for every task. The kitchen and the bathroom are ideal candidates. Green dish soap for the machine or the sink leaves your dishes grease and chemical-free. The same soap is a viable alternative for countertops. Anti-bacterial soap is incredibly useful to prevent odors in the kitchen and bathroom.  Pure & Gentle’s line of green home cleaning products includes cleaners that work in both rooms to reduce clutter and waste.

The easiest way to get started is by purchasing a bottle of eco-friendly, all-purpose cleaner. All-purpose cleaner replaces up to 20 specific cleaners you may have sitting in your cleaning cabinet.  Pure & Gentle’s Econcentrate solution is safe for wood and ceramic surfaces ranging from floors to walls. All-purpose cleaners are ideal for small spot-cleaning jobs as well as large, deep cleans of multiple surfaces throughout the home. One bucket of diluted concentrate and a repurposed old t-shirt are the only tools you need in your cleaning arsenal to keep the random surfaces of your home clean and sparkling.

Pure & Gentle’s Econcentrate Starter package provides an affordable way to make the change to green home cleaning products. For dishes, showers, and laundry – this package has everything you need to jumpstart you eco friendly cleaning. If you’ve been using standard, chemical-laden products your whole life, green home cleaning products might come as a bit of a shock at first. These cleaners don’t hurt to breathe in, but they clean just as well if not better than your old soaps. They smell a little better as well. However, they do require dilution before you get to business. The added step of diluting saves on packaging waste and allows you to use less soap to get surfaces clean.

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