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Shampoo has a tough job. Regardless of hair type, shampoos are expected to cleanse the unwanted oils from daily life while leaving behind just enough natural oil to give hair a healthy-looking sheen. This is a difficult line for a shampoo to walk, and many varieties just don’t cut it even when they target specific hair complaints. The right shampoo for your hair might be easier to find than you think. Eco-friendly shampoo contains the right cleansers to remove the grime without over drying as well as the perfect natural oils to condition your hair for all-over shine.

Dull, lifeless locks are often a result of over-cleansing from the drying chemicals found in standard shampoos. This is especially true for people who wash their hair every day. All hair types need the natural oils that your scalp produces to maintain good health. Sulfates and phosphates might bring the right suds and the “squeaky” clean sound while wet, but they also have the unfortunate side effect of removing your scalps natural oils in the process of cleansing. Eco-friendly shampoo contains pure ingredients that cleanse hair from root to tip without stripping it of essential oils.

If your hair type falls more on the greasy side, you still need to be aware of keeping at least some of these oils present to preserve the health of your hair. Some people find relief from oil-buildup by substituting a natural bar soap for shampoo. A little leave-in conditioner and avoidance of heat tools can also prove helpful.

Pure & Gentle’s eco-friendly shampoo is enriched with wheat protein, vitamin E, and honey to help all types of hair achieve a shiny, healthy status. These conditioners cleanse as they nourish for an easy, one-step cleansing ritual.

The perfect eco-friendly shampoo for your hair type isn’t hard to find. You don’t need to visit a high-priced salon or a type-specific boutique for soft, manageable hair without the chemicals. Whether you just need a nourishing bar or a plant-based handful of suds, eco-friendly shampoo offers better results, daily. Stop worrying and start looking your best with a little help from natural cleansers and conditioners!

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