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When it comes to eco-friendly shower solutions, natural bar soap is the king of all-over clean. These soaps come equipped with little to no packaging waste, green ingredients, and a variety of uses; as a bonus, they smell fantastic. 

Whether you have dry skin, oily hair, or are just sensitive to harsh perfumes, natural bar soap can help you feel refreshed and nourished.


Olive and coconut oil are effective moisturizers for a luxurious shower.  Pure & Gentle’s natural bar soaps contain these elements to leave you feeling silky and clean. Botanicals give our natural bar soaps uniquely pleasant scents that transform your daily shower into an aromatherapy session. Wake yourself up with fresh peppermint or calm down from a rough day with soothing lavender.


When it comes to facial cleansing, skin type dictates the ingredients you need. Pure glycerin soap helps dry faces remain soft. Oilier types need a little exfoliation to prevent the appearance of blackheads and zits. Natural bar soap is available for both. The goal is to cleanse and nourish in place of applying an oily coat or stripping nutrients.


Natural bar soap works wonderfully as a shaving cream, especially for those prone to razor rash. A rich lather of plant-based ingredients readies your skin for painless hair removal. The secret is found in gentle exfoliates and creamy oils. Unlike conventional shower gel, natural bar soap will not strip your skin of its much-needed oils. Exfoliates remove the dead layers exposing the new more radiant skin.


A truly great natural bar soap may even replace shampoo for some people! The natural cleansing agents of a good bar of soap remove oil build up without causing over-drying. Bar soaps with jojoba oil provide the conditioning agent often found in a standard shampoo; drier hair may still require a conditioner to keep it sleek after bathing.

Natural bar soap simplifies your morning routine by cutting down on the sheer number of products needed. They are also safer for the environment due to 100% biodegradable ingredients. Nourish your skin and hair while going green with natural bar soap from Pure & Gentle.

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