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Brighter colors and “whiter” whites should mean that your clothes are clean. However, if you are using laundry detergents with optical brighteners, the clean clothes you see may be just an optical illusion. Many people are unaware of the affects that these synthetic additives can have on their clothes, family and the environment. There are many good reasons to avoid these chemical additives and use all-natural laundry detergent that cleans without the need for potentially harmful ingredients.

What Are Optical Brighteners?
Laundry detergent brands that advertise that your clothes will be brighter and whiter often are using optical brighteners. These chemicals have been used for decades in laundry soaps, both liquid and dry varieties, in an attempt to make clothes appear cleaner. However, their function is not to remove stains or clean fabric better. Instead, they are used for their seemingly magical ability to transform how we perceive the clothing’s cleanliness due to the chemicals.

Optical brighteners transform UV light, increasing the blue light and reducing the yellow light. This illusion makes fabric appear whiter and brighter, although the fabric has not changed at all. These chemicals stay on the clothing, next to your skin, for no other reason than to trick the eye into seeing brighter colors.

Potential Harm of Optical Brighteners
Anytime you are adding a synthetic chemical to a product that is used in laundry, you are also adding more chemicals into water system we use. It was estimated in 1969 that over 29 million pounds of optical brighteners were being added to laundry detergent, possibly much more now 50 years later.

The EPA regulates optical brighteners used in cleaning products and has had concerns over their use. Studies have linked these additives to reproductive and developmental issues, as well as possible sensitivity when used in UV light (sunlight). Although there have not been any bans on these substances, they can impact health and the environment is still a concern.

Choose All-Natural Laundry Detergent for Truly Clean Fabrics
The best way to avoid exposing your family and the environment to these potentially harmful optical brighteners is to choose all-natural laundry detergent. Pure & Gentle offers a wonderful Econcentrate laundry soap that is made purely from natural ingredients and offers several benefits, including:

– Hypo-allergenic
– No phosphates or dyes
– Safe for septic systems
– Reduces allergens on fabrics and clothing

Most importantly, our Econcentrate laundry soap gets clothes clean, bright and white, without the need to “trick” your eyes. Your clothes and other washables will be naturally clean, while keeping your family and the environment safe from harmful chemicals.

Make the green and safe choice for your household by eliminating chemical cleaners, such as laundry detergents that contain optical brighteners.  At Pure & Gentle, we are proud to offer a wide variety of personal and household cleaners that are naturally safe and effective for your family, including all-natural laundry detergent. Find out how great going natural can look and feel by trying some of our natural products today.

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