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If you aspire to have a spotless house, yet feel like you are constantly falling behind the mark, you are not alone. Keeping a clean home is a battle that must be waged every day in order to never let the dirt and clutter get out of hand. So how do those with seemingly perfectly-kept homes do it? They have habits and tricks that they do every day that keep their homes spotless. Here are 10 of those habits of meticulous home-keepers.

1. Laundry. For most families, laundry can be an all-day chore if you wait to do it once a week. Instead, those who keep an organized home do a load of laundry every day. Pure & Gentle can help with natural, concentrated laundry soap that is safe for the family and the environment.

2. Dishes. A spotless home never has a sink full of dishes when you stop by unannounced. That is because dishes are put away as soon as the dishwasher is finished and dirty dishes are always put into the empty dishwasher. For your dishwashing routine, try our eConcontrate Auto Dishwashing Gel that is dye, chlorine and phosphate free.

3. No shoes. Those with clean homes will insist everyone help keep it clean by taking their shoes off at the door. This helps minimalize the amount of dirt tracked into the home.

4. Reducing excess packaging. To keep a neat home, many people choose products with reduced packaging to save space and help the environment. At Pure & Gentle, we adhere to low-packaging standards and offer concentrated formulas in many of our products to save space and resources. We have reduced our packaging by 75%.

5. Chore chart. Homes with several family members that manage stay clean do so with the help of everyone in the home. Chore charts give everyone daily tasks to help stay on top of cleaning chores.

6. Never procrastinate. Spotless home-keepers don’t procrastinate when it comes to chores. Dishes are done after dinner, the beds are made as soon as you get up, etc. Cleaning up is never left for ‘later’.

7. Everything has its place. To keep a home uncluttered, everything must have its place. Items are put where they belong, not laid on a table or the counters to be put away later.

8. Day and night routines. Organized, clean homes are kept that way through routines and habits. Most meticulous housekeepers have certain tasks they do every night before they go to bed and other tasks they do before they start their day.

9. Keeping cleaning supplies handy. To keep up with cleaning, many people keep cleaning supplies in the rooms where they are used. Dusting clothes are hidden in family rooms and cleaning supplies are under every sink. This makes it easy to do impromptu cleaning.

10. Purge. One of the tricks of keeping a clean, organized home is purging the home of unneeded items on a regular basis. If it is no longer needed or used on a regular basis, it needs to be recycled or donated to someone who can use the item.

At Pure & Gentle, we are happy to be part of many spotless, environmentally-friendly homes. Check out all our natural cleaning products and make them part of your daily cleaning routines for a spotless home.

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