Green Living


Buying earth friendly cleaning products is certainly effective, but informed purchases aren’t the only tips for going green at the grocery store. Below are five helpful and easily followed ways in which an excursion to the store can help the earth.

  1. Walk to the store. Depending on your time constraints and where you live, it might not always be practical, but even a fifteen minute walk to buy a few essentials can be done on occasion. It provides exercise and reduces the amount of exhaust your car would otherwise pump into the air.
  2. Bring your own bag. Most stores sell reusable bags, but others can be made or purchased elsewhere. It’s a small investment that contributes to a significant reduction in plastic production.
  3. Return your bags. You’ll forget your reusable one every once in a while, and that’s okay. Some supermarkets now offer a recycling program, where bags may be returned. It’s not as effective as eliminating them all together, but it certainly helps.
  4. Consolidate trips. If you have to drive, try to plan ahead. Every quick excursion to pick up that last spice is a vehicular blow to the earth.
  5. Buy big. A full fridge in as efficient one, so keeping yours well stocked will help it run on less energy. Doubling up on non-perishables can contribute to this—just don’t hoard so much that a second fridge becomes needed, because then re-budgeting the electric bill will also become necessary.

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