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Summertime fun is a blast but it can leave you with dry, sore sunburned skin if you are not careful. Even if you use sunblock and other sun protection, it is hard to avoid getting at least one sunburn if you love being outdoors during the summer. When you find yourself caring for damaged skin from a sunburn, incorporate all-natural soap into your healing regimen to soothe that sore skin.

Natural Care for Sunburned Skin
While avoiding over exposure to the sun should always be a top priority, when that occasional sunburn does happen, your skin needs special care. You need to cool the skin and nourish it back to health with nutrients and moisturizers. What you don’t need is to use chemicals like those found in many non-natural soaps that can further dry the skin and irritate the condition. Here are a few tips for soothing your tender, red skin after it has been sunburned.

– Take a bath. A cool bath can help reduce the temperature of the skin and bring some relief. Trying adding a little baking soda, a few big spoons of it should do the trick, to help soothe the skin. Keep your bath short, just 10-15 minutes to avoid too much time in the water removing your skin’s needed natural oils.

– Moisturize. Your skin needs moisture to replenish and heal. Try using Pure & Gentle Sensitive Skin Lotion that naturally moisturizes the skin without any chemicals, dyes or fragrances that could irritate your sunburned skin. Put the moisturizer in the refrigerator to give an extra cool sense of relief when you put the lotion on your hot, burnt skin.

– Use aloe vera to heal. One of the most beneficial natural substances for burned skin is aloe vera. Use bottled pure aloe vera gel or squeeze the gels straight from the plant to help heal your damaged skin. Apply several times a day.

– Hydrate from the inside. Your skin needs to be hydrated, which means you need to drink plenty of water. Make sure you are getting your full 8-10 glasses a day if not more while you are healing from your sunburn.

Gently Cleanse with All-Natural Soap
The last thing you want to do is to dry and irritate your skin when it is sunburned. You need a gentle soap to cleanse the skin without irritating fragrances, dyes or other chemicals. Our all-natural soaps at Pure & Gentle are the perfect solution for dry, over-exposed skin. All of our soaps are free of dyes, perfumes and phosphates. Try our all-natural Oatmeal Body Bar Soap to gently exfoliate away the burned skin once it begin to flake with the healing, soothing power of oatmeal. Or, try one of the many different varieties of bar soaps made with natural oils to moisturize and cleanse the skin without any harsh irritants.

At Pure & Gentle, all our products are made from natural ingredients that are safe, gentle and eco-friendly, including our all-natural soaps that are great for soothing sunburned skin. Check out all our great products for your family and home.

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