Healthy Pets


Your furry friend enjoys the warmer spring and summer weather just as much as you do! Sunny weather is made for long afternoons spent in the backyard, walks that aren’t only ‘walkies,’ and extra time at the park meeting new friends. All this heat and activity might render your pup a little more on the unpleasant side of ‘fragrant’ and lead to increased bath time for the season. Choose eco-friendly pet cleaning products to keep your four-legged companion huggable in spite of rising temperatures.

Good grooming is home grooming! Many pet grooming shops will charge you extra for eco-friendly products. Take matters into your own hands by grooming and bathing your pet at home with eco friendly pet cleaning products. While it might be a little more work than dropping your pooch off at a salon, the experience of home grooming is an opportunity for bonding even more. Whether you prefer the backyard and a strong hose or the comfort of a big bathtub, your dog will adore the feel of their loving owner’s hands on their coat in place of a stranger’s.

We offer four different scents to give you the option for a soft-furred, clean pet that smells lovable as well as looking the part. Fresh eucalyptus neutralizes muddy odors while further conditioning both short and long hair. Warm vanilla brings a touch of the ice cream parlor to your dog’s bath. Flowery lavender is perfect for pups who are the true royalty in your household. Last, but never least, a ‘Plain Jane,’ unscented form for dog lovers who want to skip the odors while maintaining that indistinguishable, natural smell of a healthy coat.

Pure & Gentle’s pet cleaning products are eco-friendly and dog-approved. Our shampoos and fresheners are free of dyes, phosphates, and harmful chemicals. Time-tested, natural ingredients will keep your dog’s coat looking shiny and smelling fantastic without costing a fortune in grooming. After a good scrub with eco pet cleaning products in any scent or none at all, the planet will be as happy as your healthy pet!

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