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A new pet comes with its own set of rules. You might prepare by purchasing the recommended items from the pet shop. You have the recommended food for age, weight, and breed. You have the luxuriously soft bed and all the right jingly or squeaky toys. You have the vet set to speed dial, and the most comfortable collar on the market (complete with a tag showing name, address, phone number, and email). All your loving attention is focused solely on the arrival of your new companion. However, when they finally get a glorious glimpse at their pre-destined forever home, they drop their business right on the carpet. As a new pet owner, one might wonder where you went wrong! The short answer: You did nothing wrong. Change of environment is stressful, and pets of any age simply get nervous. A few pet cleaning products are every bit as necessary for the newer owner as your fluffy companion’s favorite treats. 

A new pet can take a real toll on upholstery and carpet. These home elements are notorious difficult spots for both new and experienced pet owners. Pet cleaning products made with naturally-derived ingredients might assist in the preservation of your home’s softer areas. When you notice that your young pet has made a target of your carpet or couch, early detection is vital. Stains and odor are the two main concerns with which greener pet cleaning products come out ahead of the chemical competition. Natural cleansers provide relief from both issues. 

Cat lovers need not sacrifice a couch during initiation. If your new friend has marked their territory on your favorite chair, grab yesterday’s newspapers for soaking, and turn the cushion upside-down to prevent seeping. Once the initial puddle is dealt with, remember to only use cold water for cleaning. Cold water and deodorizing pet cleaning products can prevent a lingering smell. A solution of simple baking soda and water can neutralize odors at first. A hypo-allergenic all purpose cleaner forms the final step of cleansing. The unique ingredients of a hypo-allergenic cleanser target odor-causing elements without harsh chemicals. You don’t need to have allergies to find the benefits of these specific pet cleaning products

Soiled carpets and rugs are the number one complaint for dog owners. All it takes is one stinky patch of carpet to make your house smell unlivable. Again, early detection helps immensely to prevent lasting odor. If you catch it soon enough, you won’t need to rent a steam cleaner or hire a company to fix the problem. As soon as you notice a puddle, soak up the offending liquid with something absorbent. Retired t-shirts and dingy dish towels are good ways to re-use household waste for the purpose of eco-friendly cleaning. Pure & Gentle’s anti-allergy carpet cleaner may be diluted with fresh cold water to combat odors after the initial soak-up. This dye-free, non-toxic solution ensures a safe and clean environment for pets post-clean up. 

Finally, the task of cleaning your pets themselves comes into play. Both cats and dogs seem to adore rolling around in the dirt. The cat owner has it (somewhat) easy: cats clean themselves. Truthfully, unless your cat has rolled in something truly foul, it’s best to ignore their furs stains and allow them to take care of it solo. You only need to take action if they haven’t tended to the problem over the course of the day. Dogs do need an owner-administered bath every now and then. Pet cleaning products from Pure & Gentle can help you accomplish this task without exposing your new pup to harsh chemicals. Our dog shampoos feature organic ingredients and natural scents to keep your puppy as huggable as the day you chose them. 

Naturally derived ingredients are safer for use on your pet as well as the messes they create. They are also far better for the environment. Pure & Gentle’s pet cleaning products are made with mild ingredients in place of harsh chemicals to make the process easier on everyone. These cleansing agents are safer to breathe and more gentle on both skin and fur. Our pet cleaning products for upholstery and bath time make it even easier to adore your new companion and the planet.

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