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You’ve seen the videos, probably been handed a pamphlet. The Simpsons even satirized the practice in one of their episodes. Animal testing has for decades been a controversial issue, and while perhaps sometimes necessary, eco friendly soaps avoid it entirely.

The argument for animal testing is simple and logical: lab technicians need to see if a product is safe before giving it to humans. It’s resulted in cures for countless illnesses and has led to safer products that in their first development stages may have harmed people’s skin or organs. The controversy surrounds the products, though, that seem to pose no real harm to humans: testing how much Clorox can be consumed before dying of poisoning, intentionally burning skin before applying new cosmetics. When looking at pictures of these frightened animals, the simple question is: why? Everyone knows not to drink Clorox, if not through common sense then through its warning labels. Customers who are wary of these practices should examine what common products avoid them, and they’ll quickly find that eco friendly soaps are among them.

Soap does little more than clean. Even children experimenting with four letter words know that soap won’t poison them—it just tastes gross when their mothers stick it in their mouths. Some deranged madman might think of a way to torture people with soap, but because that extends far beyond its logical use, eco friendly companies see no need to test animals for such a scenario. It’s true that animal testing has led to some good, positive developments in society, but where it’s basically needless, customers should seek products that don’t use it.

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