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The ingredients of the soap you use for your daily shower shouldn’t be shrouded in mystery. These products come into direct contact with your skin every day, and unpronounceable chemicals and drying acids have no place in your daily routine. Unlike your average bar, eco-friendly soap displays every ingredient it contains to help you make the right choice for nourishing your skin and hair. Take a look at the ingredients and many benefits of carefully selected, plant-based, eco-friendly soap below.


Glycerin is a time-tested ingredient that makes up the majority of most eco-friendly soap recipes. Glycerin cleanses your skin naturally while conditioning it for ideal moisture retention, and dermatologists often recommend it to people who suffer from dry skin. It works with the chemistry of your body to promote healing and provide a soft texture. Glycerin was originally produced by combining animal fat and lye, but Pure and Gentle’s version is derived from vegetable oils instead for a more eco-friendly soap. 

Olive Oil

Like glycerin, olive oil is a natural moisturizer for all skin types. Ancient Greeks used to rub pure olive oil into their skin and hair for nourishment. In a bar of soap, this oil combats the effects of dry skin and ageing without leaving a greasy feel, and it makes shaving easier too.

Vitamin E

This component of eco-friendly soap is all about healing. Vitamin E reduces the appearance of wrinkles, heals scars, repairs cracks, and minimizes brown spots. When combined with olive oil, vitamin E creates a therapeutic miracle for dry or damaged skin by nourishing it during the shower and allowing it to retain moisture afterwards. Many lotions utilize this combination for a natural anti-aging serum.


Exfoliation is vital for healthy skin, and is a process that removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores while readying skin for deep moisturizing. Standard soaps don’t always list what gritty ingredients they include to achieve this result, but eco-friendly soap tends to prefer oatmeal or sugar. Oatmeal bar soap provides a gentler exfoliation than the alternatives, as the slightly scratchy flakes become soft when exposed to warm water. This eco-friendly soap removes only the dead layers of skin to promote health and avoid damage.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil naturally contains the acids needed to eliminate fungi and remove dead skin cells, and when used in soap it acts as both a cleanser and conditioner. Eco-friendly soap includes coconut oil to promote a healthier appearance without resorting to the harsh chemicals used by standard soap. Those with dry skin types can also use soap that contains this ingredient, as coconut oil is a good moisturizer that has long been used to treat eczema and psoriasis. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils have a two-fold benefit as ingredients of eco-friendly soap. First, they smell divine. Derived purely from plants, these oils are used in aromatherapy to lift moods and calm busy minds. Second, they are good for your skin. Specific essential oils target skin conditions and promote healing, and if you don’t have a skin problem, they can help maintain a good moisture balance.

Pure and Gentle’s bath and beauty bars utilize the powers of essential oils. Our lavender-chamomile soap is ideal for all skin types; lavender oil acts as a natural astringent for the acne-prone without over-drying oily skin, soothes the redness brought on by dry skin, and promotes healthy moisture, while chamomile reduces inflammation caused by any skin condition while soothing the senses.

Other essential oils are available if you prefer an eco-friendly soap that targets your specific skin type. Those with dry skin should try our Sweet Amaretto with almond oil for deep nourishment, and those with oilier skin should check out our bars with citrus or peppermint oil. Browse our website for even more eco-friendly soap options.

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