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Handmade or purchased, lavish or budget-friendly, the best gifts are thoughtfully selected items that show you care. Show the environment that you care by choosing eco friendly gifts this holiday season!

Some of the gifts on this list allow the people on your list to live a bit greener. A few others are eco friendly ideas ready for purchase. Whether you choose the DIY or store bought route, give the gift of environmental friendliness!

Baked Goods

This is the time of year when sweets are found everywhere and with good reason! Baked goods make a great present for acquaintances and family members alike. Candies, cookies, and homemade bread are all popular inclusions for a food-centered gift basket. Add some environmental friendliness to your favorite recipes with local and organic ingredients! If you aren’t a baker yourself, check for local bakeries in your town that use natural and organic ingredients to keep these edible eco friendly gifts planet-friendly.

Bath Soaps

Natural bath soaps provide a luxurious solution to finding the perfect eco friendly gifts. The holidays can be stressful, and a long warm soak often relieves the tension of a hard day. Herbal scents help soothe the senses, while natural ingredients nourish skin and hair. Create customized gift baskets with natural soaps and lotions. You can mix and match scents or stick to a central theme. For added stress relief, throw in some high quality, all-natural chocolate bars!


A wide variety of eco friendly gifts are available for the gardener on your holiday list. Look for unique seeds they can plant in spring. Gardening tools made from recycled materials provide another group of gift ideas. A composter helps your green-thumbed friend keep their soil planet-friendly by using trimmings and scraps from the previous year. Fresh herbs in an attractive pot provide a pleasant scent year-round, and double as cooking ingredients.


Video games are a popular hobby for people of all ages. Unfortunately, this hobby tends to consume a lot of electricity even when the gaming device is turned off. If you know a gamer, look for a power strip that prevents “vampire drain” from unused consoles and computers. Such a device will help your gift recipient save money and power on wasted electricity. Solar chargers for handheld devices allow for on the go charging without the need for a nearby outlet.


If you yourself are crafty, try your hand at creating eco friendly gifts that keep your loved ones warm. You don’t need to make a time consuming sweater or afghan. Small items such as one-of-a-kind scarves and fuzzy hats are much appreciated in the cold holiday months. Look for yarns that come from well-tended animals, for quality textures. Soft yarns and natural fibers make great gifts for other crafters as well.


Eco friendly gifts for pets are appreciated by owners and pets alike! Pet toys are widely available from companies that use recycled materials. A catnip plant provides hours of entertainment for cats and people. Many online shops sell kits to get your cat-loving friend started. Organic treats are wonderful for dog lovers.


Looking for the perfect gift for a gourmet? Try a gift certificate to a local organic market! Cooks adore high quality ingredients. Alternately, try finding energy-efficient kitchen appliances to help them practice their craft without putting strain on the environment. Concentrated and eco friendly cleaning products are another useful item for someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen.


Know someone who seems to have everything? Donate to a green-friendly charity for one of the most eco friendly gifts available. How much you donate is entirely up to your budget. Look for a reliable charity that focuses on environmental concerns.

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