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Unlike the old days, modern green cleaning recipes include concentrated, natural solutions and humble tap water. You no longer have to choose between effectiveness and earth-friendliness. Pure & Gentle’s green cleaning recipes produce eco-friendly cleansers for every area of your household, and for every cleaning task. From the shower to the baseboards, we have your needs covered without concerns over the choice between keeping it green or keeping it clean!

Previous green cleaning recipes involved lemons, baking soda, and whole lot of vinegar. Some call for harsher chemicals that have no place in an eco-friendly home. While these ingredients may get the job done, the smells alone are undesirable for most households. A novice might even make a few mistakes that render any cleansing power negligible when compared to the possible self harm of fumes let free. Your house is not a pickling plant or a chemistry lab – it’s a living space!

Homemade mixes also require their own bottles for each task and a unique stock of cleaning supplies to mix job-specific cleansers. Plant-derived all-purpose cleaner can perform the same task at the same price without consuming as much real estate within your home. Concentrated cleaners that are formulated with plant-derivatives and natural ingredients offer even more safety than their homemade counterparts. Concentrates cut down on packaging requirements to use even less resources. Re-usable spray bottles are also provided with our products to grant you the convenience of a ready-at-hand, diluted version of the eco-friendly solution to green cleaning.

Pure & Gentle’s green cleaning recipes provide the environmental benefits of old-school solutions, as well as the convenience and pleasant scents of more modern formulas. Our facility is carbon-neutral and our recipes are non-toxic. Our green cleaning recipes use plant-based ingredients in place of volatile chemicals. These eco-friendly practices make for truly eco-friendly cleaning products. Let us do the work of mixing effective cleansers for all your home’s surfaces, and rest easy in the knowledge that your choice has benefited the environment as well as your home’s health.

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