Green Living


Green disinfectant is a back to school essential for any home with children. Homework isn’t the only thing your kids are bringing home at the start of the school year!

They are also carrying new bacteria. Schools do keep their spaces clean, but new germs have a way of finding their way to your house. Cut down on sick days by using a green disinfectant to clean your home. Pure and Gentle’s Econcentrate Disinfectant Cleaner is EPA registered to fight bacteria and viruses and is safe for use around the young ones. Use it to clean their workspaces to protect your whole family from viruses and bacteria.

Naturally derived ingredients, as well as a spray application, are safer to breathe in as you clean. The surface you are cleaning is left free of harsh chemicals. After all, you want to disinfect to make your home a safer place! Green disinfectant is safer for kitchens as well. Our cleaner allows you to eliminate bacteria on the kitchen table, so your child can do their schoolwork without exposure to chemicals. Your countertops will be free of bacteria and viruses, leaving them ready for preparing the next meal. In the bathroom, you can rest assured that your sink, tub, and toilet are free of germs. Our green disinfectant also reduces odor by killing the bacteria that cause it.

Every aspect of green disinfectant is better for the environment when compared to most commercially available products. The production process of our disinfectant is carbon neutral. We sell in concentrate to reduce packaging. Our formula is produced in a manner consistent with green living. The solution itself contains naturally derived ingredients. We provide a spray bottle instead of an aerosol. Keep your home clean and free of bacteria, and keep your family healthy with Pure and Gentle’s green disinfectant!

Our mission leads the way.