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Major soap companies provide a dozen choices for a reason. Walking through the shampoo aisle decades ago, the only difference between products was the brand’s label; today there’s a shampoo and conditioner (and shampoo/conditioner) for every imaginable “hair type.” The selection of soaps is equally diverse, and you almost need a dermatologist beside you to pick the right one. It might seem like just a marketing ploy, but it’s not. So many options are out there because so many people have specific needs; the best bar soap really depends on your individual skin. A generic bar may remove dust and oil, but to really find the best, you need to know what your skin needs.

Acne used to signify that certain people were dermatologically inferior, but as pores, diets, and genetics were studied and observed, doctors began to understand the uniqueness of skin habits. Many people simply processed foods differently, or combatted bacteria differently, or released oils differently. It wasn’t a question of superiority. Just as certain people had more active sweat glands, some had greasier pores, and some had drier scalps. Soap companies met this research with a greater variety of products, giving everyone the opportunity to have the healthiest skin possible with the most appropriate soap for their needs. Large corporations tested various chemicals, and greener companies determined which natural ingredients better treated certain skin types. Every brand has a slogan and marketing image, but a best bar soapdoes exist: it just varies with the needs of your skin.

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