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The best bar soap for your face contains simple, time-tested ingredients that cleanse and nourish all skin types. The bath and beauty shelves always seem to be stocked with the latest “miracle cure” to suit specific skin conditions. These creams and cleansers promise healing and relief from common complaints ranging from dry to oily skin all the way to reduced aging effects and restoration. While their claims are accurate for some people, the common face simply needs a good daily cleanse with a gentle soap followed by moisturizer and sunscreen.

Glycerin itself is a by-product of a more historic soap-making recipe. People started to notice that the gel left behind after combining fat and lye worked better toward getting things clean than the combination itself. It also smelled a lot better and allowed for the addition of perfumes. They started extracting it as a main ingredient for use on more delicate skin and as a beauty treatment for the best bar soap of the era.

A more modern take on this classic theme also includes a few other ingredients, which old-world soap makers might not have had at hand. While glycerin both cleanses and nourishes on its own, a little olive oil and Vitamin E certainly don’t hurt. Pure & Gentle also uses healing arnica oil to soothe the effects of acne-prone or sunburnt skin.

All of these helpful ingredients are found within the eco-friendly glycerin facial bar soap from Pure & Gentle. The best bar soap works with your complexion for a healthy, natural glow. It’s hypoallergenic and mild enough to use on babies, so it won’t irritate your skin. Pamper your face instead of removing its upper layer of skin or coating it in plastic compounds. The best bar soap for your face should be simple and easy to use regardless of your skin type. Go ahead and use treatments now and then if they help with a specific condition, but the daily cleanse doesn’t need to be complicated. Just wash and go for a soft feel that lasts all day long. Stop by our website and browse all of our other products that are safe for even the most sensitive skin.

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