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As the cold winter days slowly shift into warmer days, that spring sunshine may illuminate some winter dust and dirt that needs to be cleaned away. From streaked windows to dirty linens, it is time to begin your home spring cleaning. However, before you get started, consider the benefits of using eco-friendly soap from Pure & Gentle for all your spring cleaning needs.

Get Everything Clean While Being Green
Unfortunately, many household cleaners can do more harm than good. Chemical cleaners can have a large impact on your home, health and the planet. Most cleaners have warning labels explaining that they contain hazardous chemicals. These chemicals are not only harmful when swallowed, they can also be harmful when inhaled or when they come in contact with skin. If the health risks were not enough, there is potential damage that can be done to your home’s plumbing, septic system and to the environment.

If you can get a clean, sanitized home without these harmful chemicals, then why wouldn’t you? The good news is: you can! At Pure & Gentle we make eco-friendly household cleaners that are non-toxic, made from natural ingredients that are safe for your home, family and the environment. They are also extremely effective. Your home will be sparkling once you have completed your spring cleaning, while still being a great green choice.

Eco-Friendly Household Cleaners
To get you started on your spring cleaning mission, here are ways to clean all areas of your home using some of the great eco-friendly soaps and household cleaners we offer:

– Windows. Want clear, streak-free windows without the smell of ammonia or other chemicals? Our Anti Allergen Window and Surface Cleaner is the answer. Our concentrated formula is made with natural ingredients that clean away dirt and grime while neutralizing common allergens like molds, dust mites and pet dander.
– Linens. Wash all your beddings, washer-safe drapes and other linens in eco-friendly soap. But first, deodorize your washing machine with our Washing Machine Deodorizer. Then use our Econcentrate Liquid Laundry soap made from plant botanicals. Have allergies? Try our Anti Allergen Laundry Soap.
– Bathroom. If your bathroom sinks and tub suffer from water stains, get them sparkling clean again with our Lime and Scale Remover. This is a plant-based product that is safe for your chrome fixtures and septic systems.
– Surfaces. Ready to clean the top of the refrigerator and all your other hard surfaces? Our Econcentrate All Purpose Cleaner is safe for most surfaces, using orange oil to cut grime and grease, without any harmful residue.

This spring, clean away the accumulated dirt from the long winter without adding extra chemicals to your home. Our Pure & Gentle eco-friendly cleaners give you the cleaning power you need without any of the nasty chemicals you don’t. For a cleaner, safer, healthier home, try these amazing soaps that are as good at being green as they are at getting your whole home clean.

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