Healthy Pets


Do you consider your pet as part of your family too? You work hard, so that your pet can live a happy and healthy life, which includes having a shiny coat. A dull coat can actually reflect your pet’s overall health. The food they eat and products we use on them can affect how they look and feel, just like us! To keep your pet’s coat and health happy, follow these three important tips.

Three Important Tips to Keep Your Pet’s Coat Smooth and Shiny

1. Pay attention to what your pet eats.

Unfortunately, commercial pet foods may not have the necessary vitamins and ingredients they need. Check for omega-6 in the ingredients, which contributes to skin and hair health. In addition, you can add flaxseed oil, fish oil or cod liver oil, which all support healthy skin, coat and joint health.

2. Be picky when it comes to pet shampoo.

Did you know that using regular shampoo (not made especially for pets) can dry out their skin and hair? If your dog spends an uncommon amount of time scratching behind the ears, check the shampoo label and consider using something gentle and hypoallergenic. Pure & Gentle Dog Shampoo is made with only premium, organic ingredients and a blend of botanicals, and is made specifically for our furry friends. It comes in three different options: eucalyptus, lavender or unscented in case you have an extra sensitive pup.   

3. Brush and de-shed regularly.

Whether your pet’s hair is long or short, regular brushing is pertinent to maintaining a shiny and soft coat. Use a comb or brush that fits your pet’s breed, size and fur type to get rid of tangles, dander and dead skin cells. Additionally, including coconut oil into your pet’s grooming routine every once in a while can improve skin and coat health!

Knowing what’s in your pet’s food and grooming products is beneficial for you and your pet. When they’re happy, you’re happy.

We’re Committed to Your Health and the Environment

At Pure & Gentle, we create products with you and Mother Nature in mind. We believe in living a healthier life, inside and out. That is why our products are made with plant-based ingredients that are 100 percent biodegradable and non-toxic. You also have the option of a diverse variety of natural fragrances, or you can get your products unscented. If you’re allergy-sensitive, we carry a whole range of anti-allergy household products. To reduce our carbon footprint, we use carbon neutral shipping, which reduces our packaging waste by 75 percent. Little steps toward a greener life can help the whole planet, today and in the future.

Our mission leads the way.