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If you’re working towards going green, remember to switch to the best bar soap for the environment as you make your lifestyle kinder to the planet. Natural bar soaps are more eco-friendly than standard bars and body washes for both the bath and the sink. Switching from anti-bacterial gels and body washes to the best bar soap for the environment is a good step towards making your home a greener place.

A bar of soap can help you green your home in several ways. The first factor is the reduced packaging; an average bottle of body wash or liquid soap requires a plastic vessel and a pump for easy use, and most households go through enough soap each year to contribute quite a few plastic bottles to the landfill. Bar soap from Pure and Gentle is wrapped in only a sheath of paper, requiring no bottles or excess packaging. This quality also makes for more eco-friendly shipping, since less weight means less of a strain on shipping companies.

The best bar soap can also last longer than a bottle. A bar is more concentrated than a pre-diluted liquid and requires less to get the job done. Using only as much as you need is a core tenet of the green lifestyle, and liquid soaps with pump dispensers can make it difficult to get just the right amount. Bar soaps allow you to use only as much as you need, making for less wasted soap during showers and hand washing.

Ingredients also play a part in making Pure and Gentle’s best bar soap an ideal choice for greener homes. Naturally derived, plant-based components are much easier on the environment. Every time you wash your hands or bathe, you are putting out wastewater, and even with treatment plants in place, no system is 100 percent perfect. Biodegradable ingredients are always preferable to harsh chemicals than can damage water sources and soil.

Pure and Gentle offers the best bar soap for going green, in a wide array of scents and made from natural ingredients. Make the switch today for healthier skin and a more eco-friendly home.

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