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The days are finally getting a little longer as the sun shows its face more often, but the time for spring flowers hasn’t quite arrived. The time for a thorough spring-cleaning is still a ways off. You can still get a jump on it! A little pre-spring cleaning now might make the process of renewal a little easier when the warm weather hits. Prepare for the coming cleaning storm by targeting specific areas around your home. These projects don’t have to be complex or difficult. With gentle soap products, they need not be environmentally damaging either! Get a jump on spring-cleaning with greener soap products and maintain your home along with your eco-friendly lifestyle.

All-purpose cleaner is your best friend for these little projects. One bottle of our all-purpose   soap products can tend to the multitude of surfaces found around your home. The concentrated solution reduces packaging waste and cuts the clutter from your cleaning cupboard. Here are a few areas you can attack early on to make your major spring-cleaning project a little easier.

The Oven

Cleaning the oven is one of those dreaded yet necessary chores that finds itself at the top of most people’s avoidance lists. The chemicals found in standard oven cleaners make your home smell bad and can even affect the taste of your food. Skip the standards for a safe clean. It might require more physical work, but the results are beyond worth it. A baking soda and water concoction works miracles on crusty burned bits. Once the abrasive part is over, use our diluted all-purpose eco-friendly soap to clean the main portion without the use of harsh chemicals.

The Freezer

A well-maintained freezer allows you to store foods for a long time. Cleaning one isn’t much fun, but it doesn’t need to be an environmental nightmare. If the unit is separate from the fridge, unplug it first and let it thaw out. If yours is connected to a fridge, you can defrost by placing large bowls of very hot water in the empty freezer. It might take a few bowls this way, but you aren’t letting the cold escape as the freezer tries to get to temp. If possible, turn the temperature up to a warmer setting to conserve energy. Once it’s defrosted, use a little bit of natural soap products to scrub away the build up of dirt. Mild dish soap or all-purpose cleaner does a great job of removing any grease.

The Drains

Getting the shower and sink drains to a good state shouldn’t wait until they smell bad. A plumber may need to visit to clean the pipes, but the visible surface of your sink and bath drains can be maintained by a novice with the right tools. Catch hair with a hooked wire. The right soap products and a sponge remove the grime from the reachable surfaces. All-purpose cleaner does the job for most drains. Hard-water homes might require some lime and scale remover to restore the shine. Pure & Gentle’s naturally derived soap products leave your drain traps clean and fresh without the use of nasty synthetics.

The Washing Machine

Clean clothes come from a clean washing machine. This chore doesn’t need to be tackled monthly, but it might belong on your pre-spring cleaning list. Our washing machine deodorizer removes any unpleasant smells without causing a chemical overload. You may also want to give the outside of the washer and dryer with a little all-purpose cleaner to remove any dust build up.

Avoid the chemicals and gain a head start on spring by cleaning a few areas in your home during a colder day. Our green soap products allow you to attack these tough chores without making your house a place to avoid. A little progress early on provides peace of mind, and Pure & Gentle’s mild cleansers help you add environmental consciousness to all your deep-cleaning projects.

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