Healthy Pets


Does your best friend smell? Is it driving a wedge between you both? Before you ban your furry friends to another room, or worse, buy big brand pet shampoo, consider this: according to the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), many dog and cat shampoos are highly toxic, and have been linked to cancer, asthma and even hormone imbalance.  

The good news is, there are many effective, all-natural products specially formulated for your little Fidos, designed to keep your dogs and cats clean and smelling fresh – without the health risks.

And considering it’s the season when temperatures are on the rise, your pets will inevitably need some extra time in the tub to beat the hot summer stench that can make your best friend less than huggable.

Here are a few tips on how to best bathe your precious fur babies, keeping the sometimes unbearable funk at bay.

Brush Your Dog Before You Bathe

Just like humans, our furry friends are susceptible to matted hair and tangles, especially during the summer. Because matted hair and tangles hold water, it can leave behind irritated skin. Always make sure you brush your dog or cat’s hair before hitting the tub.

Use Room Temperature or Lukewarm Water

While we humans love a hot shower or bath, dogs definitely prefer a more lukewarm experience. Hot water can burn your pet’s skin. Be aware of the water temperature, making sure the water isn’t too hot or too cold – just like Baby Bear, it has to be just right.

Use An All-Natural Pet Shampoo

With so many big brand pet shampoos and products containing toxic ingredients, make sure to invest in a dog and cat shampoo that’s natural and won’t harm your precious pup or kitty. You’re not only doing your furry friends a favor, you’re also doing Mother Nature a favor, too, practicing green, sustainable living.

Make Sure to Thoroughly Rinse

Have you ever conditioned your hair, got out of the shower and realized you didn’t rinse properly? It’s not a great feeling, right? The same goes for our pets. The general rule is to rinse and rinse again, ensuring soft, shiny coats and fresh, happy dogs and cats. 

At Pure & Gentle, our specially-formulated, all-natural pet shampoo and dog freshners are gentle, non-toxic and organic, ensuring your dogs and cats are safe, clean and smell good. And whether your furry friend is partial to coconut, lavender or eucalyptus, tell Fido not to worry – we have him covered. Pure & Gentle offers these refreshing scents, as well as a scent-free formula, appealing to humans, canines and felines, alike. And because it’s good for the environment, it’s win-win for you, your pets and the planet.

So keep your pets fresh and clean this summer – toss the toxic shampoos and go natural. At Pure & Gentle, we’ve been crafting green cleaning products for more than 30 years, and our mission remains the same – educating people around the world about the benefits and power of using natural ingredients. For our full list of natural pup, body, baby and cleaning care products, visit our Pure & Gentle online store, today! 

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