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Your laundry room provides the opportunity to improve “the green factor” of one of modern life’s essential tasks. Since dirty clothes are socially unacceptable, skipping the process just isn’t an option.

That doesn’t mean you have to use the same chemical-laden formulas your mother and grandmother have stood by since the advent of washing machines. Natural laundry soap is now readily available, and it has quite a few benefits over the standard solutions. Here are four reasons to make the switch.

1. Easier on Skin

Even with a powerful rinse cycle, some residue of your laundry detergent will be present on your clothing. Some people with sensitive skin experience irritation from harsh detergents. Natural laundry soap, however, contains less possible irritants due to its plant-based composition.

2. Gentle on Fabrics

From sheets to tees, fabrics are much thinner than they used to be. Your favorite shirt may not be vintage worn or lacy, but it still may suffer ill effects when tossed in the washer. Natural laundry soaps lack the bleach and phosphate that so easily wear fabric of any type. These qualities can also prevent colors from fading. Keep your clothing and sheets around a little longer with milder, natural laundry soap!

3. Allergy Relief

While nearly any laundry detergent can boast its cleaning power, not all can claim that they denature allergens. Pure & Gentle’s natural laundry soap destroys allergy-causing pet dander and dust mites on contact. Our hypoallergenic formula can make life just that much easier for those living in houses with pets.

4. Environmental Concern

Natural laundry detergent is better for the planet in many ways. First of all, the plant-derived formulas are less polluting than the standard chemical variety. The water from your washer often ends up back in the drinking supply after a stop at the water treatment plant. Secondly, natural laundry soap often comes in a concentrated form to cut down on packaging waste. Finally, the companies that make natural laundry soap frequently use eco friendly practices across their whole business. Pure & Gentle produces soaps in a carbon neutral facility that keeps the planet firmly in mind through every step of production.

For your health and the earth’s, choose natural laundry soap to keep your clothes clean and your laundry room green!

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