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Garbage is a part of any home. Cooking, cleaning, and even buying household items create a lot of waste that you just can’t keep sitting around the house.

The garbage issue presents a problem for a person who seeks greener living, but solutions do exist! Reducing garbage output from your home doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few very simple steps you can take to reduce the amount of household waste that you send to the dump.

Recycling provides one route to reducing garbage. A large amount of household waste can be recycled. Most cities have recycling centers where you can take your cardboard, glass, and plastic waste. Some cities even provide free recycling bins to the community! Check out your local facility’s policy on separating materials to streamline the process. A different bin might be necessary for metal, paper, glass, and plastic. When cities provide this service, the process is simpler. A large bin can be filled with all your recyclables without the need for categorization. Remember: food and beverage containers, such as juice bottles and aluminum cans, should be rinsed out before going in the recycling pile. After a time, recycling will become second nature. This is a vital step in reducing garbage output from your home’s daily activities.

Another area of your home that lends well to reducing garbage is your kitchen. Kitchen waste can be composted easily in your backyard to provide an amazing fertilizer. Buying food items in bulk quantities assists in the amount of waste your kitchen produces.  If possible, purchase foods that come in packages made of recycled materials.

Choosing cleaning products that come in concentrated varieties also helps. These products can be used all over the home, not just the kitchen! Even if you are an avid recycler, less waste lends to a greener lifestyle and a greener home! Check out Pure & Gentle’s line of total home cleaning products for some top shelf cleaning products that help you clean while reducing garbage!

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