Healthy Cleaning


A greener household requires greener cleaning products. Eco friendly detergent for dishwashing is a great first step for a more planet-minded home. Pure & Gentle offers detergents for dishwashing by hand and for dishwashers to help you on the path to a more planet-conscious home.

When choosing eco friendly detergent, the most important factor to consider is the ingredient list. For starters, plant-derived ingredients are far better for the environment than unrecognizable chemical components; they are also better for your skin. Pure & Gentle’s dish detergents clean beautifully in the sink or the dishwasher. Our hypoallergenic formulas are free of dyes, bleach, and phosphates. We offer unscented versions of our detergent alongside a vast selection of fragrances, for those that prefer a light scent to accompany the cleaning process.

Eco friendly detergent should come in a concentrated form. Concentrates reduce packaging waste, and they allow the user to dilute the formula as needed for specific jobs. Pure & Gentle’s concentrated detergents come equipped with a smaller bottle for ready to use diluted soap. Store the larger bottle of eco friendly detergent with your other cleaning supplies, and keep the small one ready at hand for daily cleaning. Concentrating our solutions allows us to reduce our packaging to 75% less than that of the standard brands. Concentrated products also often mean lower prices. Since you do the work of diluting in-home and need to use less, the cost of using concentrated detergents is much less for you and the environment. A large bottle of solution can last for months and save a trip to the store.

Eco friendly detergent has the added benefit of being easy on even the most sensitive skin. The lack of harsh chemicals leaves your hands soft after even the heaviest load of dishes. Whether you do the dishes by hand or with a machine, choose eco friendly detergent for immaculate dishes and environmentally responsible results.

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