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Cats and dogs make for wonderful companions, but they also tend to get the upholstery dirty. This is especially true for indoor/outdoor cats and larger dogs that love a good roll in the muck.

With wet weather, the effects worsen and can leave your chairs and couches looking a bit on the dingy side. Clean up the mess, and keep things eco-friendly, with upholstery cleaning products from Pure & Gentle!

We have two great upholstery cleaning products that will erase the dirt left behind by your furry friends. The first is our Anti-Allergy Carpet Cleaner. This concentrated cleaner may be diluted for use on upholstered surfaces. Whether you just need to clean up a muddy paw print or give the whole couch a good wash, this cleaner is effective enough to get the job done without damaging your fabrics. The second product is our multi-purpose Anti-Allergy Concentrate. This solution is a spray to keep your upholstery and bedding smelling fresh between cleanings.

Both products have the added bonus of denaturing allergens from dander and mildew to help your family breathe a little easier. Mild pet allergies are fairly common, and may prove annoying for the cat or dog-lover in your home. Our Anti-allergy solutions are gentle enough to spray directly on most upholstered fabric to take care of the dander right away.

These upholstery cleaning products contain no volatile chemicals and are sold in a highly concentrated form to reduce packaging waste. Pure & Gentle’s cleaners are made with the environment in mind. No dyes or phosphates are used in our formulas, and we use carbon neutral manufacturing processes. Our products are better for the task at hand, as well as better for your health. Try our anti-allergy upholstery cleaning products to keep your home looking vibrant and smelling fresh despite your pet’s best efforts!

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