Green Living


Fall is a season of transitions. The weather seems to vary from day to day. Families with children are going through the process of reacquainting themselves with the time constraints of school’s reemergence into daily life.

Along with schedule changes, the cooling weather incites a spirit of preparation for winter. From yard work to staving off the doldrums, these green living tips will help you stay eco-friendly through the autumn season.

Falling leaves render yard work a priority for winter-preparedness. The colorful coating of leaves may grant your yard beauty for a week or so, but eventually, they need to be dealt with. One of many green living tips is to conserve energy by raking instead of using an electric blower. Have fun with it by leaping into a big pile of crisp leaves! After raking everything into a pile, seek an eco-friendly means of disposal. Use biodegradable yard waste bags to minimize environmental impact. These leaves are also a great starting point for a mulch pile. Rake them into a designated spot and just let them sit until spring planting. The mulch will be ripe when the time comes for spring planting.

Planting a garden isn’t just for the spring! Green living tips for fall involve planting your own lush indoor garden. Use the last of summer’s mulch to set up potted plants for winter. Herbs fill your home with their heady fragrance and combat the stuffiness of closed window environments. Bring the smells of spring of summer into your home before winter sets in. Indoor gardens flourish as long as they have the right amount of sunshine. A potted garden of easy-to-grow vegetables grants access to fresh goods in the depth of winter. Home grown veggies are greener than those at the store, and they taste better too!

Speaking of food – here are a few green living tips for dining in-home or out on the town. The farmer’s market is never better than in autumn. After all, fall is widely known for being the season of the harvest. Vegetables, fruits, and meats are at their best. Take advantage of the harvest season, and keep it local, by checking out the bounty at your local farmer’s market. Tried and true menu standards of any home cook become even better when they include incredibly fresh ingredients. From a slow roast on a cold day to an impromptu grill out on a warm day, your local market is the best place to shop.

Tight schedules or busy days may leave you unable to cook the right meal at home. On a particularly taxing day, you may want someone else to do the cooking for you. Convenience aside, dining out is always a fun occasion. It provides a diversion from day to day life. Green living tips exist for ventures on the town. First and foremost, choose local. Several restaurants likely exist in your area.  These establishments normally use goods from farmers’ markets. Their culinary staff is often permitted to create an outstanding meal from fresh starting points. Some locations even utilize eco friendly cooking equipment! Once you taste the indescribable flavors created by local cooks using local foods, you’re likely to never want chain-restaurant food again.

Finally, cooling weather mandates a change in environment. The shift from the sunny outdoors to the comfort of your home makes regular cleaning a priority. Anti-allergy cleaners protect against sickness as they minimize environmental impact. Disinfectants kill harmful bacteria and make your house smell clean instead of stuffy. Pure & Gentle’s online shop provides greener cleaning solutions for your home during the closed-window seasons.

From cooking and cleaning to yard work and down time, there’s always a way to reduce your impact on the environment. Ready your home for winter while taking steps toward a more eco friendly lifestyle by following these simple green living tips for fall.

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