Healthy Cleaning


The summer roads are calling. Campsites, scenic overlooks, and the long stretch of a summer road lined with greenery have nothing on your normal route to work. Whether you’re on vacation for an hour or a week, a freshly cleaned automobile provides a little bit of heaven on four wheels. The best car cleaning products remove the grime of winter and the mud of spring, leaving your ride ready for summer adventures. Fortunately for the environment, the best car cleaning products are also eco friendly.

Whether your ride is brand new or of the more classic variety, a gentle all purpose cleaner removes the dust and dirt of winter without damaging the look and feel of the original interior. Green car cleaning products don’t contain bleach, dye, or harmful compounds that discolor your upholstery.

The secret ingredient lies in the natural orange oil we infuse into our car cleaning products. Orange oil combats grime gently and effectively by using the acidity of citrus alongside the gentility of naturally occurring oils. This powerful substance allows you to clean and polish at the same time. Aside from helping you keep a beautiful and shiny ride, orange oil also neutralizes odors for a light and pleasant scent without the clutter of air fresheners.

Our eco friendly concentrate works its magic on carpets, glass, and plastic surfaces. It might even help with leather interiors. Simply do an easy spot test in an inconspicuous area before you spray all over. This soap is also wonderful for removing the dust of the road from your vehicle’s exterior. Pure & Gentle provides a formula that replaces many of the best car cleaning products within one bottle. Skip the costly detailing, and clean your car in the comfort of your driveway. Cars, Floors, and More is the only all-purpose cleaner you need for a happy car and a healthy environment.

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