Healthy Pets


Grooming your canine companion is more than just a way to keep them from smelling bad; bath time is vital for their overall health, and it can also be a bonding experience on par with playtime. Environmentally friendly pet cleaning products allow you to show your love for your fuzzy friend by protecting both them and the planet from harsh, unsustainable chemicals.

Petroleum-based ingredients form the basis of most standard pet shampoos, but such ingredients often contain caustic chemicals that can be harmful to your dog’s skin and fur. These shampoos also tend to contain a number of preservatives that favor extended shelf life over the health of your pet, but both types of ingredients ignore the health of the environment.

Phosphates, dyes and chemicals have no place in the care of a beloved pet, and environmentally friendly pet cleaning products avoid these chemicals by instead using oils from renewable resources that remove grease and grime effectively. The technology of pet cleaning has come a long way in recent years, relying more on ingredients like coconut, palm, and citrus oils, which are far healthier for everyone involved in bath time. These natural cleansers promote soft fur that begs to be petted, so if you have concerns about how well these products work, try them out to see how effective they are.

Use a freshener powder that combats odors to keep your companion smelling great in between baths. Think of these pet cleaning products as deodorant for your dog. The combination of odor-neutralizing baking soda and natural botanicals make for a pleasant and eco-conscious way to keep your friend smelling fresh on a daily basis.
Our environmentally green pet cleaning products come in four different scents to suit humans and pups alike. Choose from eucalyptus, vanilla, lavender, or unscented, and rest assured that every variety uses natural, plant-based ingredients, not synthetic perfumes.

Your dog is a member of the family, so give him the same attention you bestow upon the humans of the house, protect him from harm, and promote hygiene by choosing environmentally friendly pet cleaning products for bath time and beyond.

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