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From the times of early soap making to the more pleasant concoctions of the modern age, hand and body soap has faithfully served the purpose of keeping people clean. Clean hands are healthy hands, and a freshly showered body allows one to function as a welcome member of society. Thankfully, hand and body soap formulas have come a long way from the early days of rendered animal fat. We now have several choices presented for the daily ritual of getting clean. Not all these choices are great for the environment or your skin, however. Eco-friendly hand and body soap helps to keep your skin clean and well-nourished all over, without the environmental side effects of excess chemicals.

Bars and gels work equally well as the medium for your greener hand and body soap. Eco-friendly hand and body soap comes in responsible packaging either way. Bar soap requires little to no packaging and works as-is in the shower or at the sink. Our gels are concentrated to reduce the amount of bottles needed to keep a steady supply of soap at hand. The gels are also hypoallergenic, making them perfect for allergy-prone family members.

A concentrated solution saves space on storage and allows you to place bottles of nourishing hand soap at each sink in your house. Antibacterial hand soap is also available for high-risk spaces shared with coworkers or young children. Our hand and body soap is enriched with nourishing oils to prevent dry, chafed hands while leaving a pleasantly clean scent behind. You can use the same soap in the shower and at the sink. Warm water and a handful of suds keep you feeling soft and clean.

Pure & Gentle’s hand and body soap is the right choice for green-minded people who still want the luxury of a high-quality wash-up. Our naturally derived ingredients are good for your skin and easy on the planet. Try some soon for a more relaxing shower that comes with peace of mind!

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