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Beach or backyard, summer is the season of fun with friends and family. The hot weather convincingly invites you to enjoy the beauties of nature at its finest.

The parks are full of lush plant life; the beaches provide hot sand and cool water. Wherever summer takes you, keep the environment in mind by including a few green practices in your activities. Here are a few easy ways to be green this summer.

Summer vacations range from the afternoon beach trip to the weeks-long retreat. One of the easy ways to be green this summer involves transportation to your favorite relaxation spot. While carpooling may not be possible for that long trip out of town, it is possible for short vacations like the day long beach trip. Get a few friends to carpool to the beach and save on gas while reducing pollution. If possible, walk or bike to your local swimming hole! A dip in cool waters feels even better after a little exercise.

Avoid the need for car travel altogether with a party in your backyard! Hosting a backyard party is a great way to negate travel costs while enjoying the company of friends in the sunshine. Take a short vacation in the comfort of your own backyard! You can collect some foods for grilling from the farmer’s market, and set yourself up for a green summer barbeque.

Summer is also the season for gardening and yard maintenance. Mulching your grass clippings and shrub trimmings is one of the easy ways to be green this summer. This mulch has the added benefit of enhancing your plants.

Enjoy summer’s adventures while keeping the environment in mind. Put a few green practices into your warm weather adventure, and have fun while helping the environment! These easy ways to be green are certain to give you a better summer experience. 

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