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Your refrigerator is one spot that requires a little special attention every now and then. Since the fridge is primarily a home for your food, non-toxic cleaning products are a must for keeping your family healthy, happy, and safe. These cleaners work just as well as their chemical-laden competitors at removing odors and bacteria; however, they don’t expose your edibles to poisons and are better for the environment. Empty the leftovers, turn the temp down, and get to the cleaning! From metal racks to crisper drawers, non-toxic cleaning products from Pure & Gentle are here to help you get your fridge back to a pristine state.

Being safe about food is top priority for singles and families alike. A dirty fridge may cause bacteria to form even on your newer foods. Your fridge may look clean but still possess a capacity to damage your food if you use the wrong cleaning products. Exposing porous vegetables or unsealed meats to toxic chemicals isn’t that great of an idea for the green clean enthusiast. Pure & Gentle offers a few non-toxic cleaning products for those in search of a less toxic way to keep things clean, safe, and shiny. There are many methods for cleaning a fridge, but most fall along one of two lines: the deep clean and the casual. Choose non-toxic cleaning products for both to keep your fridge sparkling clean.

Deep cleaning is a grueling chore, but it doesn’t have to be as unpleasant for the environment as it is on you. There is a greener way to maintain your fridge. Use green cleaners for every task to lessen the chemical output. To prevent food spoilage, store your items in a reusable, non-Styrofoam beach cooler during the process. Once the food is safely aside, grab the racks and drawers for a soak. Our non-toxic cleaning products come concentrated, allowing dilution for soaking and scrubbing without using too much soap. While the racks take a bath, use a little dish soap to target any nooks and crannies in need of focused attention. Old toothbrushes are great for this task. Once the bare fridge looks great, go to your sink and show the racks some love with dish soap and non-toxic anti-bacterial cleansers. After the great deep cleaning is complete, simply put everything back in its place and rest assured that the job is complete!

Between deep cleanings, a casual wipe-down with non-toxic cleaning products keeps your refrigerator looking great and smelling neutral. All-purpose cleaner and mild, diluted dish soap allow for spot cleaning on a regular basis. A little anti-bacterial soap deals with the more harmful spills, such as those from raw meats or marinades escaping from their designated containers. If your kids are old enough, you can teach them how to spot-clean and add it to their weekly chores. Non-toxic cleaners are safe for use by those children old enough to do dishes, allowing you to avoid the surprise of a messy fridge between cleanings.

A safe and clean fridge holds your food at proper temperature to prevent spoilage. Advocates of an eco-friendly lifestyle should check the temperature on their cooling units twice a year for best results. A properly maintained fridge requires less energy to run and can even save money on the electric bill. If you’re in search of a new unit, choose one with an energy star rating to reduce your carbon footprint.

Non-toxic cleaning products from Pure & Gentle allow you to keep a sparkling fridge without exposing your food to poisons. We also believe in green cleaning, meaning you need not damage the environment to maintain a clean refrigerator. Our non-toxic cleaning products are gentle enough to be handled by kids who spilled a drop or two on the rack. For a clean fridge and a green home, choose non-toxic cleaning products.

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