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Today it seems like everyone and everything is becoming eco-friendly, all natural and beneficial for your health. While the sentiment is important, what’s underneath the label is even more so. Your soap and personal products should do more than their basic function, especially since you’re using them daily. At Pure & Gentle, we too hold the belief that your body is a temple and you should treat it to only the best soaps and personal products around!                 

All of us are looking for some added value in our everyday products. It doesn’t have to have bells and whistles, but we’d like it to do more than just the basic function. In truth, juniper berries may just be nature’s subtle solution to your desires and a host of health issues.                

For centuries, juniper berries have been used for an array of day-to-day tasks, like flavorings for gin or as a spice for game meat. Once used to relieve labor pains, combat infections and burned in hospitals to clear the air of germs, as it was thought, they have pervaded history as a utility herb to remedy a slew of maladies. Yet until recently, its medicinal benefits have been frequently forgotten and overlooked. Pure & Gentle has harnessed the phenomenal properties of the these berries into our juniper berry bath & beauty bar, made with all-natural ingredients.

Berry Powerful
It seems hard to believe that these little berries could pack such a powerfully beneficial punch, but gather ye juniper berries en masse, or use our soap, and start the healing process today.

Indeed, these berries have been proven to combat acne, beat back psoriasis, thwart weeping eczema and deter dermatitis. Alongside these benefits, they are a natural astringent, antiseptic, anti-rheumatic and dandruff repellent. These powerful little berries are known to help control and rebalance oily skin while unclogging your pores at the same time.

Worried about cellulite or the appearance of your skin? When you incorporate juniper berries into your daily regimen that worry will be a thing of the past. Cellulite treatments today have begun integrating them because they detoxify the body and reduce water retention, ultimately reducing puffiness and restoring the firm appearance of your skin.

Coupled with this, when they’re concentrated and included in your bathing the effects are miraculous. Juniper berries have been shown to promote circulation, aid pain relief for arthritis, swollen joints and muscle fatigue. All these beneficial properties don’t even begin to include its fantastic properties for your mental health. The diffused oil helps relieve mental and emotional strains like anxiety, mental fatigue and stress; supplanting these emotions with tranquility.      

It’s time to stop wishing and start healing naturally. At Pure & Gentle, we believe the best remedies come from Earth, and we’re committed to including only the best, all-natural ingredients in our products. Enhance your day-to-day routines with our outstanding offerings today!

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