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There’s no better way to achieve a truly green grocery shopping experience than a summer afternoon’s walk to the farmers market

Not only do you get to savor the warm day and brilliant sunshine, you come home with locally grown products that are naturally better for you. The satisfaction of farmer-grown produce also provides a meal for your table later in the day. Enjoy green grocery shopping and support your community at the same time!

Shipping costs plague most healthy grocery shopping trips. After all, not every ingredient can grow in your vicinity! During the cold months, it can prove trying to provide your kitchen with organic ingredients for the best meals. Shipping costs may inflate the costs of your favorite foods. In the warm seasons, you can get what you crave fresh and without much shipping involved.

Year round markets might exist in your area. Seek them out and support them! Such markets combine products from the areas nearest to you and often have a focus on organic and locally grown goods. Searching through labels is a time consuming, but necessary, step for green grocery shopping. Early summer allows your local farmers to provide seasonal fruits and veggies at a fraction of the cost and with less environmental damage than from shipping out of state. Summer’s bounty likely has all your local farmers gathered at a spot within walking or biking distance from your home.

After cooking your naturally delicious foods from the green shopping experience, keep your kitchen green with eco friendly cleaning products! Pure & Gentle provides several cleaners that both simplify the process of cleaning while keeping the environment in mind. We also use a carbon neutral shipping process to make eco friendly cleaning even better!

Most importantly, enjoy the summer! A relaxing walk to the farmer’s market helps you feel better inside and out. Grab that reusable canvas bag and take a warm walk. Vegetarian, vegan, or omnivore, a green grocery shopping experience awaits you at your nearby farmer’s market!

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