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Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “A weed is a plant whose virtue is not yet known.” Indeed, nature is undoubtedly our most valued resource in discovering potential treatments for illnesses that plague our global population. In truth, most medicine is typically derived from some naturally occurring fungi or other plant life typically found in the depths of unexplored forests and jungles—hidden gems for the willing wanderer.

Thanks to wanderers, early trading, and folk wisdom passed down through the ages, we’ve been blessed with many herbal remedies for common conditions. Native to South America, lemon verbena has spread around the globe as people share and praise its natural healing properties.

Natural Properties of Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena’s natural healing properties have led to its incredible spread throughout the world. From aromatherapy, tea and topical applications, like our lemon verbena bath & beauty bar, it has crossed all mediums of consumption as people seek to ingest and benefit from its healing effects.

The South American herb has been shown to help with digestive disorders, varicose veins, the immune system and joint pain. Its anti-inflammatory properties have become folklore as it eases arthritic pain and simultaneously addresses common digestive disorders, such as stomach cramps and nausea, among other things. Coupled with this, the antioxidant properties help expedite the healing process of joint-related injuries and improve mobility.

In the realm of mental health, it has been proven to alleviate anxiety and agitation. The naturally occurring antioxidant compounds bring balance to hormones in the body, allowing for a restoration of relaxation and calming of distressed nerves. Indeed, those who suffer from chronic stress have reported a daily dose has led to long-term alleviation.

True to our soap’s name, lemon verbena has a host of beneficial effects for your skin and complexion. Over time from everyday use, it helps reduce puffiness that is particularly noticeable around the eyes. It also cleanses and tones the skin, giving a radiant glow and more lively appearance.

In conjunction with this, the South American herb has been shown to combat common skin disorders with much success. From acne and eczema to rosacea, boils and cysts, this miracle herb helps heal all. Rather than relying solely on chemical cleansers, which often further destroy your skin, simply adding lemon verbena to your daily skin care routine can remedy your malady. When using it for eczema, mix it with a suitable carrier oil, like the coconut or olive oil in our soap, and apply it to the affected area.

Stop suffering and start healing today with Pure & Gentle’s eco-friendly products. From complex conditions like arthritis to everyday dilemmas like acne, there’s a whole host of health issues that Mother Nature’s naturally occurring medicines can help heal.

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