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Going green at home often involves swapping out a few of the products that you use on a daily basis, including trading dish soap that may contain harmful chemicals for eco-friendly dish soap. From natural ingredients to reduced packaging, eco-friendly dish soap can help you minimize your impact on the environment when you wash dishes in the sink and send that soapy water down the drain.

Here are a few of the advantages to using products like Pure & Gentle’s Econcentrate Liquid Dish Soap.

No artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals. Dish soap manufacturers don’t have to disclose what ingredients go into their artificial fragrances, and many people find that they have allergies or symptoms such as dizziness, rashes, burns, or scratchy throats associated with these harsh chemicals. By switching to an all-natural product, you don’t have to worry about your health while you’re washing dishes.

No phosphates. Phosphates have historically been included in dish soap to keep dishes from getting smeared and spotty while they’re being cleaned, but when this ingredient goes down the drain, it often ends up in lakes and reservoirs, where it stimulates algae blooms. Those algae blooms, in turn, prevent plants and fish from getting all the oxygen they need. When you use a product without phosphates, you’re not contributing to this algae takeover.

Use less soap. With many eco-friendly dish soaps, less is more. The Econcentrate Liquid Dish Soap, for example, is highly concentrated and designed to be diluted with water, so a little goes a long way.

Go through fewer bottles. Have you thought about how many plastic soap bottles you go through in the course of the year? One of the goals of many eco-friendly dish soaps is to reduce packaging in order to have less of an environmental impact. Econcentrate Dish Soap reduces conventional packaging by up to 6 times thanks to its concentrated form and the reusable dispenser bottle you’ll receive the first time you order it.

Getting your dishes clean shouldn’t have to harm the environment—consider making that little switch to eco-friendly dish soap in order to minimize your impact.

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