Healthy Pets


Your dog is not just a possession; he is part of the family. If you love your pooch, you want to ensure he gets everything he needs to stay healthy, from the food he eats to the best care for his fur and skin. Dogs have many of the same allergies and sensitivities humans do to harsh chemicals, so it’s important to choose shampoos that will not irritate their skin. At Pure & Gentle, we love our dogs as much as you love yours—that’s why we created our organic, natural dog shampoos and products.

What Is in Your Dog Shampoo?
Just like human shampoos and soaps, commercial dog shampoos can be filled with additives, chemicals and harsh ingredients. Many dogs have sensitive skin that can react poorly to these shampoos, causing them to itch and scratch. The result can be hot spots, loss of hair and worsened skin conditions that make your pet uncomfortable. In addition, residue and chemicals left behind on your dog’s fur can be licked and ingested, possibly causing other problems.

Your dog cannot tell you when they feel itchy or if a product irritates their skin. The best solution is to use products that are made from natural ingredients that are safe for all skin-types, ensuring they will be gentle enough for your dog’s skin.

Try Our All-Natural Dog Shampoo
We formulated our dog shampoos and fresheners with the same principles we use when we create all of our products. We use only natural, organic ingredients, using environmentally-friendly methods to process and package our pet products. The result is a superior product that is safe for your dog and gentle on the environment. Our dog products include the following benefits:

– Pure botanical ingredients. Our dog shampoos and fresheners only use 100% natural botanicals, free from dyes, perfumes or phosphates. Just like our human soaps, these products are safe for dogs with all skin and fur types. The natural ingredients offer nutrients that leave Fido squeaky clean and smelling fresh. They are available in refreshing scents such as lavender, eucalyptus and coconut.

– Green manufacturing. Our pet products are made in our Carbon Neutral Facility with 75% less packaging, reducing our impact on the environment. We concentrate our formulas to reduce the packaging size and the amount you need to use.

– Super-sensitive formulas. If you or your dog’s skin are super-sensitive, try our Scent-Free Dog Shampoo and Freshener. These contain all the same excellent ingredients without any scents that can irritate you or your dog during bath time.

We know you want the very best products for your dog, just like we do for ours. You will love how great our pet shampoos and fresheners make your dog look, feel and smell–without any of the chemicals that can harm their health. After all, they are part of your family and deserve the same quality of products when it comes to their skin and hair care.

Our mission leads the way.