Green Living


Ever since news surfaced about the way cosmetic lines treated laboratory animals, cosmetic lines have launched huge public relations campaigns. To combat the image of animals with burning chemicals on their faces, many companies have tried to tout their products as green. Unfortunately for the consumer, very few makeup lines actually produce green friendly products, but there are some that can be trusted. To really put your makeup to an environmental test, look for these product labels:

1. USDA Organic. Because even products that use 1% of organic ingredients can put “organic ingredients” on their label, you need to look for this certification. The USDA Organic seal is only bestowed to products that use at least 95% organic ingredients, meaning almost nothing has been treated with pesticides, artificial fertilizers, or growth hormones.

2. IOS Natural & Organic Cosmetic Standard. An independent certification, this label ensures green friendly products aren’t just organic, but that they’re manufactured with an environmental focus. Using recycled and fair trade materials where possible, the products that carry this IOS seal also leave a small impact on the earth in their creation and distribution.

3. BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetics. A German company handles this certification. It means that all ingredients are from natural and raw materials through ecologically conscious means.

4. Biodynamic. This label is given to ingredients, not products, but they can be found in certain cosmetics. Biodynamic crops are grown without artificial chemicals and with an attentiveness to the natural harmony of the earth.

5. Paraben-, phthalates-, or PCB-free. These are some of the harshest chemicals on the market, and yet traces of them are still found in a variety of cosmetics. Parabens and phthalates are actual ingredients, while PCB is used in containers for a number of cosmetic products.

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