Green Living


Smaller apartments tend to come with their own eco-nightmares, and renters rarely have the option to make their own updates. Your apartment’s specific problem might be the sturdy 80’s-era fridge that makes energy conservation all but impossible, or the complete lack of any backyard space for composting. Don’t let these shortcomings get your planet-loving heart down! Eco friendly living is entirely possible in a small rented space, and it might even prove easier to make the little changes that set your mind at ease.

Energy saving is a fairly simple task in small spaces. The aforementioned ‘vintage’ refrigerator doesn’t impede you from saving energy in other ways. You can still replace light bulbs with more efficient lights. You can turn down the climate control settings and still be comfortable. Turn off all electronics that aren’t currently in use. This will save you money on the electric bill as you practice eco friendly living practices.

A smaller living space doesn’t need to be a challenge for the avid recycler. Multi-purpose furnishings and imaginative decorating solutions help you maximize space without giving up on one of the core values of an eco friendly lifestyle.  Stackable and slim containers fit easily beneath a tall table. Cover the table with nice fabric to hide its true purpose, and put an attractive plant on top. Alternately, if your tiny apartment is equipped one of those “weird spots” such as a strange corner or a confusingly tiny closet, purchase a tension rod. Use old grocery bags placed on clothes hangers to sort your recyclables. Turn the grocery bags in when you bring your recyclables. Hide it all behind an attractive curtain, and no one will be the wiser.

Reevaluating your cleaning products is another step to eco friendly living in a smaller, rented space. Using less comes with the territory. Greener cleaning solutions for everyday tasks allow you to keep your place spotless without chemical exposure. As a plus, these products tend to be more cost-effective.

Pure & Gentle offers a starter kit that is simply perfect for people who find themselves in a new place and in need of a bit of everything. Our eco friendly starter package covers everything: bath soap and shampoo, dish soap, laundry detergent, and an all-purpose cleaner for everything else. This package is a great housewarming gift for the green-minded apartment dweller who embraces eco friendly living.

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