Healthy Pets


Have you become an avid label-reader, checking for chemicals and additives in the products you buy for your family? If so, good for you! Adopting an all-natural lifestyle is a step toward wellness and eliminating many of the harmful chemicals that can affect your family’s health. Natural products are a better choice; from the food you eat, to the products you use to clean your home. But what about the products you buy for your dog?

There are have been many frightening recalls on pet products. From harmful dyes used to color their treats to flea collars that can kill, it is important to carefully watch what you are exposing your dog to when you purchase their food, shampoos and medications. Here are a few tips to move to an all-natural lifestyle for your dog to give them the benefits of a healthy, chemical-free life.

  • Food and treats. Read labels carefully and read reviews when choosing your dog’s food and treats. There are many excellent options that do not use dyes, chemical preservatives or other harmful agents in their products. You can also make your own dog food and treats at home so you know exactly what is going into your furry friend’s stomach.
  • Natural dog shampoo. Dogs can have allergies to perfumes and dyes just like humans. Choosing a natural dog shampoo can give your dog a gentle bath that will not irritate their skin or leave harmful residue on their fur. Check out our line of all-natural dog shampoos and dog fresheners that are made from organic ingredients and botanicals for a healthy, beautiful coat.
  • Flea treatments. Be careful about the flea medications you use for your pets. Some topical agents can be deadly to other animals in your household. There are dog flea repellents that can kill cats, even if they just accidently lick a few drops. There are all-natural flea treatments that can be very effective and safe for your dog and every member of your family.
  • Medications. Besides flea treatments, there are many medications you may buy over-the-counter for your pets. Look for natural varieties for treating worms, ear issues, joint pain, urinary health and other common pet ailments. There are many natural products that are available for dogs and cats that do not contain harmful chemicals and can often work better to treat their conditions than chemical mediations.

For help determining the best natural options for your dog, find a veterinarian that promotes natural health. They can help you find the right dog food, treats or homemade diet option for your pet and give you tips on what to avoid. Your furry friends deserve a chemical-free life, just like the rest of your family.

At Pure & Gentle, we are committed to providing only all-natural products for our customers, including options for their pets. Check our full line of cleaning products for your home, along with our pet products and natural soaps to promote your all-natural lifestyle.

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